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Over 200 members and guests gathered at the Elk’s Youth Camp September 8, 2012 to kick-off the 2012-2013 year at the GCCGA Annual Steak Fry.


After lunch the newly appointed Tonto National Forest Supervisor, Neil Bosworth addressed the group.  Following a brief overview of his forestry background, Bosworth opened the meeting to questions.


Topics discussed included current NEPA processes, inappropriate entries in USFS reports, the 2012 Farm Bill, trust issues between ranchers and the USFS, monitoring procedures followed by the USFS, drought conditions, forest road maintenance and upper limits.

In closing remarks, Bosworth made clear his understanding that there have been ‘issues’ with the TNF in the past and that his intent is to improve relations between Tonto Forest ranchers and the USFS.


Other speakers included:

  • Dr. Jim Sprinkle, Gila County Extension Director, U of A Extension Services, addressed current defunding of the Reading the Range Monitoring Program.
  • Michael Hemovich, AZ SRM President, discussed Society of Range Management issues.
  • Jim O’Haco, ACGA 2nd Vice-President, discussed border issues, Agricultural Property Tax, the SAFE Program, ID tagging and traceability, the Willow Flycatcher, and the Mexican Wolf Recovery.
  • Representative Brenda Barton, District 5. focused on current issues in Washington regarding the 2012 Farm Bill and other legislative issues applying to agriculture.
  • Bonnie Benne, President, GCCB updated the group Gila County Cowbelles activities.


In his Presidents Report, Dan Fenn, GCCGA President, stressed the importance of local, state and national to keep informed issues.  “As I look back over the last 2 years it has been very trying both personally and professionally.” He stated.  “I want to personally thank Dave Cook, Therese Hicks, and Elaine Hagen McBride for their tremendous support and assistance throughout the last 2 years.”


“Under the leadership of the GCCGA,” he added, “we will continue to be a strong association shaping policy both throughout the state of Arizona and the United States.  We have worked hard to maintain a reputation of leadership in Gila County and as I look forward, I see no end to that in sight.”


The in-coming officers for 2012-2014 were introduced and John Griffin presented Dan Fenn with a silver and gold belt buckle bearing the Flying V brand as a ‘Thank You’ for his many years of service.

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