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Gila County Cattle Growers Association Annual Auction

GCCGA Holds First Internet Auction April 2014

Six consignors included Manny Ruiz, Nathan  Ellison, Johnny Johnson, Troy Neal, Griffin Cattle Ranch, Chas Erickson  and John Fowler.


677 head of cattle were packaged in truck load lots and shipped from Burch Yard.  Some cattle sold as a split heifer / steer load so average prices per steers and heifers would only be an estimate.  Overall per head price, after 3% shrink and 2% commission on 423 head sold through Roundup, was $1,010.00.


Hay costs were $2.10 a day (feeding was volunteer) and misc. expenses were charged at $4.00 per head to cover scale calibration, DJ’s, vet,  postage, squeeze rental, One meal for the crew, and what charges had come in from Mid-State.


A total of $445,162.92 was received from Roundup which included the 2% commission.  An additional $238,890.50 was received from Caleb Kerr and Hugh Nichols who came the evening before the auction and bid on remaining cattle not expected to sell on RoundUp.  Total income was $684,053.42.   A small load of culls was hauled to Marana.



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