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2015 GCCGA  Annual Steak Fry and Meeting

The Gila County Cattle Growers met Saturday, September 19, 2015 at Elks Youth Camp at Workman's Creek.  The weather was wonderful and the steaks were great.  Speakers included:

  • Pam Griffin, Gila County Cowbelles President and AZ Cowbelles President, reported on the Cowbelles’ two scholarships given this year.
  • Jim O’Haco, President of ACGA, explained the State level effort to prevent the new introduction of wolves in AZ.  They are also working hard to get public lands permits valid for 20 years rather than the present 10 years.  He also described some new brand policy changes to include the new “heritage” brands for people who want a brand but do not have cattle.
  • Mark Killian, Director, AZ Department of Agriculture, pointed out the huge economic impact the cattle industry has on Arizona.  He described a ‘brand legacy’ program he is developing in the state for thousands of brands registered but not being used.  He is hopeful that this program will facilitate the wait time for new brands.
  • Therese Hicks, PLC Committee Member, reported that the USFS is spending a large portion of its budget on fighting fires which reduces their ability to deal with other issues such as range.
  • Jeff Silvertooth, Director, U of A Extension program, discussed program’s mission and how it is linked to cattle groups around the State.  The U of A Department of Agriculture is partnering with the U of A College of Law to building a program that will provide legal assistance in agriculture matters.
  • Mitch McLaren spoke about the U of A Drought Study and Workshops.  The intent of this program is to get ahead of drought now, when things are good.
  • Neil Bosworth, Tonto National Forest Supervisor, briefed us on USFS activities and policies.  Chandler Mundy elaborated on their effort to get NEPA done as soon as possible on various permits.  He outlined the “zoning” concept of range staff/techs to cover two districts at a time.  The excess horse issue on the Salt River was covered.
  • Bill Conway, GCCGA President, reviewed the successes of the year, thanking everyone who helped make everything go smoothly.  'I look forward to the challenges that face us in the next year with many successes as well.'

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